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August, 2020

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Commented on Manchester Transit-Oriented Development Plan 5 months, 2 weeks ago
The new buildings shouldn't feel or look modernist. The term modern and modernist are often confused. The exteriors of the buildings should be exclusively built in traditionalist styles. The new hotel built next to the mills is just another faceless, post-modernist block, that lazily attempts to emulate the architectural ensemble of the mill yard. We need new buildings that will be fully built in traditional architectural styles. Full restorations of historic edifices in Europe and around the world prove that traditional architecture can still be built and be adored by people. Take for the example, the German Dresden Frauenkirche (Finished in 2005), which was heavily bombed and mostly destroyed in WW2. Or the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow Russia. (Finished in 2000)
Commented on Manchester Transit-Oriented Development Plan 6 months ago
Start building houses and shops in traditionalist architecture styles (Neo-Classical, Baroque, Tudor, Georgian etc. Virtually every city in the world builds modernist architecture, and I believe the first step to make the TOD plan successful is to make the architecture beautiful, ornate, and traditional. Let's make Manchester NH look architecturally unique from any other city in the United States. Why do you think tourism is booming in Europe? It's because they've preserved centuries old traditionalist architecture that gives each city a unique architectural identity. It is the same reason they don't allow modernist architecture or skyscrapers to be built in their cities. It is a common misconception that traditional architecture is more expensive than modernist ones, this is completely untrue. Steel, glass, and concrete costs more than wood, bricks, stucco, plaster, and stones.