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July, 2017

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Commented on Central Peninsula Neighbourhood Action Plan 4 months, 4 weeks ago
Change comes slowly in this place I call home. While I would love to see a ferry service, I agree it would be a 'kettle of fish', I think a pedestrian and bicycle link under or alongside Harbour Bridge is best. As for the concerns people will have about suicides from such a place, how about better funding for mental health services and working on the stigma that is still attached. Moreover anyone could run up the ramp and jump now anyways.
Supported a comment by SarahRose Werner on Central Peninsula Neighbourhood Action Plan 5 months ago
SarahRose Werner
Comparing the walkway to Partridge Island with possible pedestrian/cyclist access to the Harbour Bridge is like comparing apples and oranges. The latter would be part of the transportation network, encouraging people to use active transportation to commute, shop, etc. The former would be for recreational and possibly tourism purposes only.
Supported a comment by patrick Thirkell on Central Peninsula Neighbourhood Action Plan 5 months ago
patrick Thirkell
A ferry would be just wrong, there is already a bus across the bridge, but it is infrequent, shuts down on holidays and at night, there is a quality bridge structure already! All that is required is to attach a Calgary style pedestrian/cyclist tube to the structure and ...hey presto! an all weather 24/7 connection! Yet the city is going to fund a walkway to the uninhabited, polluted, gun emplacement of Partridge Island! I just cannot believe it!
Commented on Central Peninsula Neighbourhood Action Plan 5 months ago
I agree Donald Killorn. Sadly the new water supply issues and the noise issues from the metal recycling at the port are lowering property values across the board for West siders like myself. So many decisions made without full and proper consultations of the residents. The West Side also has a great stock of Heritage Buildings that are unprotected and could benefit from the funding available for Heritage. Sadly as I am learning the hard way it is very time consuming and slow to get your own building designated. Presently at 8 months and counting, I'm told may not be until next year for civic designation to be properly considered and this has held me back on repairs. With 10-15% of my exterior material costs being eligible for grant funding it's not something to scoff at and well worth the effort in the end.
Supported a comment by Donald Killorn on Central Peninsula Neighbourhood Action Plan 5 months ago
Donald Killorn
The West Side has the most untapped potential. Connecting it to Uptown via ferry could be a good investment in raising property values for a big chunk of the city.
Commented on Central Peninsula Neighbourhood Action Plan 5 months ago
The issue is that for Lower West Side residents there is no direct route across anymore. The original city was either side of the harbour linked by ferry, just like New York and other large urban centers. Saint John has basically cut off the Lower West Side and isolated it for pedestrian traffic since the 1960's. It's time to bring that link back, a direct link, not a round about through Lancaster.