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February, 2023

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Commented on North and LaSalle 1 year ago
Commented on North and LaSalle 1 year ago
A playground with a park space under the protected awning would be so much fun and encourage pedestrian traffic/use for the many events in the park and streets nearby.
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Lana W
The rise of condos and residents in this area continue. The Plums, the FoxTrots are wonderful additions to the neighborhood, but don't serve the general population who cannot afford or prefer not to shop at specialty or higher-end grocery outlets. We don't need a discount store, but another Treasure Island type. Easily accessible, average prices, diverse choices. I think a Trader Joe's would be great even though it is a bit of a specialty store. I Aldi's and Jewel serve the community, but for many residents in Old Town who do not have a car, they are inconvenient for doing a weekly shopping. Would like to have a better understanding of why there is such resistance to replacing TI with another grocery store.
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