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March, 2022

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Commented on Resilient Washtenaw 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Yes! I fully support this initiative. At Chelsea High School, students have constructed a large compost bin system on our school grounds. They remove food waste from the cafeteria and kitchen on a daily basis with 5 gallon pails. With a little bit of education and funding, all schools in our community could do their own on-site composting. Thank you for sharing the Local Self-Reliance site!
Supported a comment by Nancy Stone on Resilient Washtenaw 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Nancy Stone
I'd like to see food composting pilots available throughout the county, such as at interested apartments, neighborhood clusters, schools, events, restaurants, etc. There are resources from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance for a range of tested imaginative options and training resources, and online certification programs available, such as for food scrap drop-off centers, small community/school compost operations, locally-owned truck or bicycle collection services, etc.
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Commented on Resilient Washtenaw 7 months ago
We need to look at having compost pick up in all of the major cities and towns in Washtenaw County. Municipalities already collect yard waste from residents since it is prohibited to dispose of yard waste in Michigan landfills. Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, and Saline, for example, should follow Ann Arbor's model of collecting compost from residents to incorporate into the already existing yard waste composting system. This compost can then be sold back to residents. See Emmet County's model of collecting compost from restaurants and residents as an exemplary model. Continued education and incentives are needed to encourage businesses and residents to strive toward carbon neutrality (solar, EV, retrofitting homes and buildings to be net zero, etc., elimination of single use products, plastics, etc.). Thank you!