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Commented on Broadway Park 1 year, 3 months ago
I live nearby
Commented on Broadway Park 1 year, 3 months ago
This is a great point Leah. It speaks to smart, long-term growth. Past proposals from the City have hinted at this, and were received with lots of concerns --understandably-- from many of our neighbors and community members living in those lower-density housing units. Lots of folks were concerned about being displaced; and there were fears of too much gentrification. Maybe something like this could work, if properly phased, and with plenty of buy-in from current residents. Something along the lines you suggest could also be a mixed-use development; allowing for affordable, pedestrian-level business/commercial spaces to provide opportunities for local residents. It would also allow a proposal like this one (on Windsor & Broadway) to become less dense, and better reflect the current Zoning/FAR rules.
Supported a comment by Leah Beckett on Broadway Park 1 year, 3 months ago
Leah Beckett
Open space. I believe this parking lot would be an invaluable addition to the Green Rose Heritage Park and help create a zone that doesn’t need to serve as a multipurpose field. While it seems like you are looking for housing to be the solution for this lot, I think taking a long-term approach to redeveloping several blocks in this area would make the city more livable. One big idea includes completely redeveloping the city’s suburban style public housing along Harvard and Washington Streets. The low density, car-centric, Garden City style is at odds with the surrounding area. It would be better designed if the Harvard-Windsor-Washington-Main block were converted into a contiguous park with the Green Rose Park, replacing Harvard Street between Windsor and Moore Streets with a bike and pedestrian path. This would then allow the Harvard-Windsor-Washington-Portland block to redevelop into a more appropriate scale for the city: The huge block could be divided into several smaller blacks, possibly even maximizing space by straightening Washington Street and continuing School Street. The buildings should then favor underground parking instead of surface parking lots and have retail / commercial space on the ground floor, especially on Main Street. Instead of 3 story buildings with basement units, they could be taller and feature common spaces on different levels and usable green roofs for an architecturally interesting, urban upgrade.
Supported a comment by Dan Totten on Broadway Park 1 year, 3 months ago
Dan Totten
Honestly, community space and open space. I know housing is the answer we’re supposed to give, and affordable homeownership is a top priority. We also need housing for seniors who live in the neighborhood and want to age in place. But not every lot in the neighborhood has to turn into housing- open space and community space are needed, too.
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