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October, 2021

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Scale. When you look at world class cities, they have planned their cities to respect the scale and natural world so that residential spaces blend and are not fighting against the space. We missed this opportunity when we redeveloped the lake front near Park Lawn with sky high towers on the the lake that block the sky high towers behind them. We have an opportunity here to reimagine this. Having 20+ floor towers on the bank of a river or lakefront is an irreversible decision that will affect our communities for generations. And there is no argument to be made for creating housing that we need when these units will likely go for close to a million and only $5M is being spent on affordable housing that is all offsite. Let’s envision a right-sized scale community with beautiful green space that will blend into the Portland’s and not overshadow them. We have learned so much about balance in the past two years and how people want to live and spend their time, let’s use that to design our future and not use planning practices that only perpetuate density and put the value on efficiency over joy.
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Lisa T.
An aesthetic charm that feels less "metropolitan" and more European. Pedestrian friendly and focus on trees, and green spaces.
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Built Form & Sustainability
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