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April, 2016

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Supported a comment by Erica Schwarz on 500 Talbot Avenue 5 years ago
Erica Schwarz
I agree that there is too much wasted roadway by this site that should be captured and converted into useful space. I think the city should transfer some of that land to the project in exchange for more affordability in the housing units.
Supported a comment by Dan Rubin on 500 Talbot Avenue 5 years ago
Dan Rubin
As a direct abutter, I am completely against adding parking where the current lined section of the street is. We fought with the city years ago when that space was used as parking to add the dashed lines. It was a complete disaster in the winter. People would not move their vehicles even during snow emergencies and plows could not navigate around ultimately piling snow in the middle of the street causing all kinds of manueverability issues for fire, trash and delivery trucks. Would love to see a plan for what a parklet may look like, but would have the same concerns with that as well.
Supported a comment by Dan Rubin on 500 Talbot Avenue 5 years ago
Dan Rubin
I completely agree. As a direct abutter we fought with the city to finally paint those lines on the street. The space was parking before and it was a disaster in the winter when no one moved and snow could not be removed creating major issues for fire, trash and delivery vehicles to navigate.
Supported a comment by Gregory Grays-Thomas on 500 Talbot Avenue 5 years ago
Gregory Grays-Thomas
I wholly support this comment. As a direct abutter, while I will be sad about competition for limited parking, such is life in the city. Priority should definitely be for models such as a parklet or other such ideas, that reinforces space for the community while beautifying and adding green green space.
Supported a comment by Preston Buehrer on 500 Talbot Avenue 5 years ago
Preston Buehrer
Please please please don’t turn the painted island in the intersection into parking. That is absolutely not what is needed here and might make it difficult to reclaim that space for community use in the future. If you could look into attaching that to the patio space and creating a larger parklet-type area that would be idea. Close off the slip-lane for right turns to make sure the space is uninterrupted from the patio area and nearby sidewalks. In addition, create curb extensions further south of the parklet, making Argyle intersect with Talbot at a right angle. This is definitely a bigger ask for this project, but perhaps some planning coordination with the city could work. If not, please don’t turn it into parking. That will just make doing these improvements later all the more diffficult
Commented on 500 Talbot Avenue 5 years, 1 month ago
+1 for the parklet option