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December, 2018

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Commented on Mary Ellen McCormack Redevelopment 3 months, 3 weeks ago
This (above) is a crock of what makes the grass grow. All this takes money and employees!! Give the project five years and all the above will be boarded up due to a lack of staff and money! A garage in the middle of a hosing project is one of the worst things they could do! The drug trafficking will be tremendous. A supermarket where project ppl will be stealing from added the congestion/noise and ppl from outside the project coming in and out to do their shopping......it's a Columbia Point/Bayside all over again!! You'd think we would have learned once already developments this large just don't work!
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gelfi colon
Every year is the same excuse, this is horrible for the oldest and largest project in Massachusetts.
Commented on Mary Ellen McCormack Redevelopment 4 months, 3 weeks ago
I've heard from reputable source that MEM is not coming down, a new project is not being built! Reasons are several but logistics of such an undertaking is not fees able / profitable and the end result would be just another Columbia Point! Money always plays a big part!
Commented on Mary Ellen McCormack Redevelopment 9 months ago
It's so political!!! As pockets get deeper the start date gets pushed further away!
Commented on Mary Ellen McCormack Redevelopment 10 months, 2 weeks ago
They should keep the row houses! Remodel the facades! And grow Ivy along the walls as it was back in the 30's and 40's. We lived in a 5.5 room row house for 32 years, put a fourth bedroom in the basement!
Commented on Mary Ellen McCormack Redevelopment 1 year ago
The project was built in 1932 the craftsmanship was excellent the project is built like the Roman Coliseum! It's all political it's coming down because of politics former Mayor Walsh was the head of the labor unions he's giving back work to the labor workers for voting for him. It's all politics their tearing down a 1,027 unit housing project and building a monstrosity of 3,000 units it's another Columbia Point! You can put in all kinds of stores, garages, senior center employment offices, supermarkets and clubs it's still a housing project. With a garage and a housing project drugs will be rampant! 10 to 15 years from now the stores will be boarded up and they'll be looking for ways to remodel it! Very sad State of affairs