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May, 2019

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Commented on Winchester Master Plan 2030 5 months ago
In agreement that a town pool would serve ALL members of our community - across age groups. As the mom of a toddler, I would love to support a community pool that provides me a place to work out, my daughter a place to take swim lessons and eventually join a swim team and both of us a place to meet families in town. Not only would it enhance our lives, it would simplify our lives. We currently belong to a gym in other town for recreational pool access, take swim lessons at another facility, and go to indoor play spaces to expend energy in the winter months. Having ONE facility IN TOWN that supports all these important activities would be amazing!!
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Amanda Lewis
A lot of us connect with community here through the schools or through our kids' activities (the wonderful theatre program, soccer, dance, etc). But a community pool would be a great addition to town. It would be a place for people to connect--kids would hang out there and be safe, older people would come, families would come to open swim. There would be special events too and summer camp. It could really enhance life here.