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Supported a comment by Gary Zimmerman on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
Gary Zimmerman
I think it is a bit overwhelming for the river and greenbelt. Also there needs to be a bit more separation and coordination with the Anne Frank monument. It is strange that Anne Frank was just redesigned to include event space and teaching areas, and then we build a new library right next to it with additional event and program space. Seems to have a lack of coordination.
Supported a comment by Lori Dingel on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
Lori Dingel
I don't like it. It looks more like a modern art museum than the Boise main library. Our library should honor Boise's past and have the technology of today. The structure should reflect old Boise architecture with red brick and detailing such as the Jefferson Building and Old Boise buildings downtown.
Supported a comment by Dave T. on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
Dave T.
Inclusion of the Arts and History department at the Main Library location. It just makes sense with the Cabin right there (not moved), then BAM and Idaho History across the street. This survey does not match what is on the Main Library. Why don’t you ask me what I don’t like about the proposed concept instead of making me cram it all in at the end under “other comments”. Oh wait, this survey does not have other comments at the end.
Supported a comment by Dave T. on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
Dave T.
This survey is so poorly implemented and does not match the one on the Main Library site. I had prepared comments for the "Other Comments" section and then get here to find there is not place to leave other comments. I would have used the one on the main library site but that one has been giving a "500: Internal Server Error" all weekend and into today, the last day of the survey. So where do I give my actual feedback???? I think the initial visioning workshops where a joke. I read the executive summary and on the first page it even states “project goals and objectives for the project as set by the project steering committee are summarized as follows”. The project goals and objectives were already set before that visioning workshop. A project of this size should be put to a bond/levy vote.
Supported a comment by Lynette Daudt on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
Lynette Daudt
NO demolishing of any existing warehouse buildings in that neighborhood! Renovate and incorporate them.
Supported a comment by James Maguire on Main Library Campus 3 years ago
James Maguire
Agree; more clarity on financing plan is needed.