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Supported a comment by Cairns Deleway on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 2 months ago
Cairns Deleway
Architecture: It would be great to see a core of skyscrapers that look visually contrasting to the bland glass condos and towers we already see downtown. Future-oriented and ambitious design has an ability to attract people to a place alone. Torontonians need a place they can look at and say "This is proudly, uniquely ours." All of the massing of the buildings look so uniform and boxy, please consider different colours, materials, shapes and perhaps a couple signature tall skyscrapers to make something appealing for Toronto's east-end skyline. Please also consider timber and sustainable options too, position Canada as a leading mass-timber design leader as talked about at the Toronto mass timber institute @ UofT. -Lastly, I want to talk about culture. Culture is a 'feeling in the air', that no bureaucratic document can recreate. It would be a major disappointment walking through the streets of East Harbour and not feeling inspired. Cities like Tokyo and Seoul have vibrant neon lighting and signs that echo a kind of uniqueness and boldness. The reality is, people in the cultural industries are leaving Toronto because it is no longer affordable to have a studio space as well as rents. Arts and Culture are the reasons why we visit cities: Paris, London, New York etc. The most touristic and vibrant neighbourhoods have a thriving arts/cultural scene — Not everyone works in a traditional office setting: i.e. People in music, design, art,, they need studios.
Supported a comment by S. Walker on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 2 months ago
S. Walker
Community Arts and Culture are very important. One of the most driving factors of living in Toronto is the amazing culture and art we have in the city. This development needs to consider this an a important feature of the space. Development should also consider access to space for artists and a space of gathering and events for the public. Similar to the front street promenade.
Supported a comment by mike gohl on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 2 months ago
mike gohl
Being the size that it is, this is a once in a generation kind of development for Toronto and there is only one shot to make it right. Adequate cultural facilities, entertainment, and year-round amenities and events will contribute to a successful development. Consider East Harbour as part of the 'city of neighbourhoods' identity that Toronto is most proud of. East Harbour should be distinct & should rival popular central business districts across the world and be a central spine for the east-end. Consider hosting an international design competition for buildings (being that once these are built, there is no way to go back and change it so let's aim high, be creative and perhaps a little edgy). the 2150 lakeshore development is inspiring in colour, built form and pedestrian scale.. see design as something of value and something that needs to be strongly considered. I'm trying to fit everything into 250 words here, but world-class cities have an 'it' district where all of the most exciting and groundbreaking industries, nightlife, shopping action happens. In London, you have Oxford street as well as 'shoreditch' which proves how culture can revitalise neighbourhoods and cities..in New York you have Tribeca or soho, in Seoul you have gangnam, in Tokyo you have Shinjuku or shibuya... Toronto will and can benefit from a major cultural district that will bring Toronto off of the national stage to the world stage. I like to dream big, I know.
Supported a comment by Cairns Deleway on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 2 months ago
Cairns Deleway
Nightlife. Young people in Toronto want more options that don't close so early. A way to keep East Harbour afloat past 5pm is to bring in a wide range of bars, clubs and cultural options that go through the night. Knowing Torontonians, I know noise is going to be a concern, so look at ways venues can reduce noise through insulation or certain design elements. We have to remember we are in a large city, a noise is inevitable. We have lost over a dozen music venues because of the pandemic, it is at a dire situation for us in the music/entertainment industry. The cultural industries are the hardest hit industry and it expected to take the longest to recover. Ensure East Harbour can accommodate a large number of these types of establishments to position Toronto as a competitive place to 'have fun'. Unfortunately, Montreal is the cultural capital of Canada... but East Harbour should seek to challenge this. Retail should be unique, focusing on shops that you wouldn't normally find in other retail districts downtown. Perhaps local designers, or international designers looking to open a staple Canadian location. Please ensure Live music and live performance is engrained in East Harbour's DNA, as well as give opportunities to artists/buskers being pushed out of Toronto.
Supported a comment by Oliver Turner on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 2 months ago
Oliver Turner
Parks, restaurants, cafes and a grocery store will all attract people to the area and inject life and local energy into the new development. Do not repeat city place, where uninteresting, chain stores and fast food did not create a culture people wanted to stay in (initially they all headed north to Queen/King).
Commented on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 2 months ago
People who work in east harbour should be able to afford to live there. Try to go above and beyond with affordable units, we are in a housing crisis.