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December, 2015

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I've lived in Haverhill for 57 years,  This area of development has NOTHING to attract anyone to go visit.  My banks not there, its highly congestive,  limited/no parking.  Whats there, Renta center, Goodwill, the welfare office, social services ect.. Until you can create a traffic flow that works, An Anchor store or Business to attract people and Free easy parking.  Newburyport, Amesbury, even downtown Ipswich has a purpose and reason to travel there.  Haverhill has None.  Pentucket Medical has a draw but no ones going to venture over the parking deck.  Urban Renewal in the 60's remover the charm and Historic components and left the Trash. I remember going to the Theater and the old city hall, It was beautiful.  Now we have a Market Basket and Parking lot.    

So what will work, an Educational component like Lowell,  maybe.   A large company like EBSCO in Ipswich,  probably.  A river and old buildings like Newburyport,   now way, there's no charm, character, or food establishment on that side of the post-office square.   

Create attractive housing with a percentage set aside for retail,  dig down for parking and bring it under ground, Kind of like umass Amherst does, and create green space above like a park.  

I guess you have to look a what works elsewhere and duplicate it.   How about housing with a Marina like the Hat Factory in Amesbury.  


Thanks for Listening to my opinion.