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Cambridge, MA


October, 2014

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How cool! We have 5 creative installations at DCR Magazine Beach, on public display through October 12th. CBCB weekend was incredible fun and full of good, art-loving, community energy. However, TRUE success of the Common Build means that from here, WE ALL take 5 more steps:


1. Participate in the online vote.


2. Express your support of public art! Share comments here and with your local organizations, like Cambridge Arts Council, Unbound Visual Arts, schools, universities and with local press.


3. Visit DCR Magazine Beach Park with friends to experience the installations in person and the gorgeous park. (If you see something that needs our attention, send a note to We'll appreciate the help keeping the park safe and looking good.)


4. Share with DCR how much you appreciate that these installations were allowed and that you would like to see more creative uses in our parks.


5. Join us at the Awards Ceremony next Friday, 10/10 to support the 2014 participants. Consider getting involved with Common Boston or one of our great CBCB14 partners and sponsors.


Thank you!

Commented on Common Boston's Common Build 9 years, 5 months ago

It feels incredible to have launched yet another exciting Common Build. We have a competition! I can’t wait to see the results on Sunday on site: DCR Magazine Beach Park!


I am thrilled to have DCR as our host sponsor and the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association as our Client/ Community Partner.


On Thursday, Cathie Zusy, chair of the Magazine Beach Committee, gave an inspiring overview of the park scape: its historical uses, its physical shaping, and the people who make a lively space today. I learned so much in 10 minutes! We all owe her a huge Thank You along with historians, Nina Cohen and Marilyn Wellons, for their ongoing efforts to protect the park and seek a dazzling future for this unique public space.


I’m honored to work together in this community and I salute this year’s awesome CBCB Teams!

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