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October, 2021

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Commented on Leefort Terrace 5 months, 1 week ago
The residents of Lee Fort Terrace deserve safe, updated, accessable housing. Public housing is to make sure the elderly, disabled, and low income residents will have secure housing. Beacon Properties is a private company. It exists to profit and expand and profit continually. They will take care of their own and grow their wealth. That is what private business is supposed to do. Any promise to reserve for low income, it is for 4 years only. They will have no obligation to the city of Salem. Once the city gives away our public housing land, it's gone forever.
Supported a comment by Kathryn Burns on Leefort Terrace 8 months, 1 week ago
Kathryn Burns
I've read the proposal; I've sat in several meetings at kitchen tables; I am an extremely strong supporter of affordable housing. What I am NOT in favor of is two behemoth buildings that don't fit the neighborhood and serve to alienate the residents as "other" in those buildings. Get 123 units by configuring a lower profile set of buildings over more space--2 floors above the parking garage for a total of three floors.
Supported a comment by Cheryl Corneau on Leefort Terrace 8 months, 1 week ago
Cheryl Corneau
Absolutely, unacceptable situation at hand. Shame...shame...shame.
Supported a comment by Thomas Cote on Leefort Terrace 8 months, 1 week ago
Thomas Cote
I agree, it seems that this site plan is already approved and we were not considered at all. I spoke out back when this was first brought up, I live on Memorial drive and will definitely be impacted by this development. This land is and should remain specifically for "seniors". Adding those two city owned lots to try and solve our affordable housing issues in Salem is ridiculous. They say those apartments need to be torn down is also very suspect. Where is the reports, where is the studies that state they need to be torn down as opposed to remodeled? We must take their word on this. This process is not acceptable, holding special meetings and only inviting the current residents of the complex. (yes, handed out flyers to the residents of Lee Fort Terr. only). This is not acceptable, we the surrounding neighbors need to be heard, and deserve to be more involved.
Supported a comment by Richard Stafford on Leefort Terrace 8 months, 1 week ago
Richard Stafford
I couldn't agree more. The proposal to replace truly affordable public housing units with a privately operated mixed income housing project is another step in the direction of privatizing what has been, and should remain, a totally public housing investment by the City and State of Massachusetts. Introducing the 'profit' element dictates that resources that would otherwise be dedicated to supporting the residents of public housing will be siphoned off to investors. Salem now represents the poster child for lip service to affordability while promoting 'luxury' rental property. Using the Metro Boston calculations for income levels bears no resemblance to Salem's population in need of affordable housing, which can only be provided by properly managed public housing, adequately funded by public resources. If the real problem with maintaining 'public housing' (as exemplified by Leefort Terrace), is the failure to adequately fund it by city, state and federal government, then the solution is not to privatize public housing, but to adequately fund it by those same government entities. 4 & 5 stories is an egregious affront to the Leefort Terrace residents and the abutting neighborhoods. When the Regeneris (sp) representatives stated 'this is what we heard' in summarizing their neighborhood conversations, it was clear to me that we weren't 'heard'.
Supported a comment by Rosemary P on Leefort Terrace 8 months, 1 week ago
Rosemary P
This building is far too large for the area, and before you say that we discussed it in March.... I was there in March. It seems that you didn't consider any of our feedback as the plans are still for a 4-5 story building (with the podium). There are sites being developed all over the city, accommodating huge numbers. The Fort Lee Terrace building site should be a 1-story site (with podium - so actually 2 stories) replacing the 50 affordable homes that are currently in existence, and perhaps a few more affordable homes. Additionally, the appearance and design of the building should be consistent with the residential style of the area. We do not need commercial-style buildings in a residential area. The project as proposed is entirely unwelcome by the residents of this community. Please consider how inappropriate this project is for the area.