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December, 2022

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Commented on 440 Arden Way 9 months ago
Reduce the number of units and provide parking for all plus their guests. Otherwise you will be creating additional problems for the neighborhood . Also, provide green space and barbecues etc for outdoor living and dining. It’s not appropriate to stuff these people in tiny little apartments without providing outdoor space for them. Woodlake park is not your solution.
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Dave C
At five stories tall on a little more than an acre of land this project is to big. With a planned 220 bedrooms that could mean 660 occupants by current maximum occupancy standards. To think that at least half of these occupants won't want to own a car is crazy. Thats 330 new cars to the neighborhood that simply can't handle that influx. You need to rethink the scale of this project to realistically fit in this physical space. It should be no more than two stories in height to fit in with the surrounding neighborhood aesthetics and should cater to elderly and disabled housing recipients with associated services for that demographic. The parking, traffic and safety concerns related to the size of your project are too great to sweep under the rug.