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July, 2021

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I own a parcel of land that is the only remnant of what used to be the original Western Market before it was torn down to make room for the freeways (on Michigan Ave between 18th and 20th). I also own a historic building, built in 1901, that was a flagship store for the market (Albert Lutticke Mercantile then became Izzy’s Department Store, Clothing for the People.) I have many of the historic artifacts preserved that were found in my beautiful building, including the original 3 story birdcage Otis elevator, wooden employee lockers, wrought iron messaging system, just to name a few. These are incredible antiques found in my building when I bought it 20 years ago. I’ve preserved everything. My goal is to bring back Western Market on my small plot of land and also potentially renovate my beautiful building, showcasing all the historic relics that really are a time capsule from the turn of the century on. I can showcase them in the market or in the building. I’ve met with the city and also have the support of the Corktown Business Association but if Ford is interesting in supporting me in any way, I think it would be a great way to show homage to the past and serve all the local residents, neighborhoods and visitors at the same time. Please comment on this to reach out to me. Thank you! Cathy Schneider-22year Corktown resident at 2572 Michigan Ave.
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