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Supported a comment by Susan Chaloupka on Main Library Campus 3 years, 12 months ago
Susan Chaloupka
What can the citizens of Boise do to stop this from happening.? It is a bird killing, glass and cement structure that is not appropriate on the Greenbelt. You say you want input, but don't seem to care what anyone says. I want a library that is easily accessible. Please put your events center elsewhere., and save the citizens of Boise a huge amount of money.
Commented on Main Library Campus 4 years ago
Another cost issue is that the cabin was just brought up to ADA standards to the tune of many thousands of tax dollars.....why destroy or move it? I am for historic preservation....I can't believe we are not just updating or adding on to the current library.....
Commented on Main Library Campus 4 years ago
It is just too seems cost prohibitive to much will maintenance cost on a building that size? I read the original study from 2014 and the original cost was 45 it is high will it go? We have performance space in Boise ...there are already public meeting rooms in the library and I am probably not going to be thrilled to use the automated retrieval system, aesthetically unpleasing to me, but I am a book person.....
Supported a comment by Diane Plastino Graves on Main Library Campus 4 years ago
Diane Plastino Graves
Have permanent parking next to our beautiful Anne Frank Memorial does not sound like an aesthetically appropriate location. And what about this Biomark Building. Isn't that on City property? Why was it leased long term when the library scheme has been in the works for so long?
Supported a comment by Lynette Daudt on Main Library Campus 4 years ago
Lynette Daudt
I do go now, often, precisely because I can pull into the parking lot, run in, and leave all without crossing a street.
Supported a comment by Lynette Daudt on Main Library Campus 4 years ago
Lynette Daudt
A parking garage is unpleasant to use. Adequate local site parking as is now available needs to be continued. I WOULD NOT go much if I had to use a parking garage even a block walk away.