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December, 2020

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Commented on 325 Binney Street 6 months, 1 week ago
I know that space -- yet another wasted opportunity: that area needs another "sustainable science and technology building" like the Seaport District needs another bistro. That whole area is looking like more like a Rt. 128 office park than something for urban dwellers. And makes me wonder how long the poor old Kendall Cinema is going to hold in the face of the pandemic and brainless urban planning.
Commented on Broad Canal Subdistrict Zoning & Development 7 months ago
A couple of smaller music venues (100-250 capacity) for the local (and very large) music communities to comp a little bit for all the venues that were lost to developers and the pandemic in recent years would be nice. But I've heard that the concept of "local music venue" is up there with "quantum field theory" as far as the understanding of local politicians, architects, and developers go.