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Supported a comment by Rich B on Cool Spring 1 year, 11 months ago
Rich B
I would like to see you propose this project in New Castle County subject to their Comprehensive Development Code that has been in effect 20 years or so. Site Capacity and Concurrency REQUIRED for Roadways, Water Supply, Wastewater Disposal, Fire & Police, Schools, Landscape Opacy (trees!), Site Drainage- Overall and Individual building sites, Common Facilities and Maintenance Organization, etc. Sussex County is at least 20 years behind in adoption of even an elementary development code to handle the crush of property changes brought about by SuperStorm Sandy immigrants, overselling by the Delaware Tourism Office, and the migration here brought about by the 2020 Covid Shut Down. Moved to Rehoboth Beach permanently in 2004 to escape New Castle County urbanization and now, prisoners in our home during the tourist season, we have already purchased property in the South hoping to cash-in on the ridiculous inflated value of our property before reassessment. A positive note - To this Sussex Countian, The Freeman Stage is the only improvement your Development Corporation has brought to our Quality of Life.
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This is yet another example of Freeman Companies ruining our area. Once Freeman Companies finish taking up every open space, they will move on to another area and destroy it also. Totally against this proposal.