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January, 2022

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It would be nice to see a major cultural institution be explored in soap factory plaza in the way that Broadway theatre in NYC is at times square for example.
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I am concerned that the 50,000 square feet of cultural space is not going to suit the demand in the right ways. It is important to establish a more clear definition of what that means and who it applies to; i.e. Cultural events and exhibition spaces are one thing, but that also is different from the need for maker-spaces or individual studio spaces which the city lacks and is also different from retail spaces open to the public like galleries and venues. Beyond just event spaces, try to think about cultural spaces and need for revenue generating creative industries in the office towers. Don't pool all of the creative uses in the 50,000 sq ft cultural space category as it could limit creative potential for the city and the vibrancy of the neighbourhood. The last thing I want defined is: What is culture? What categories does that entail? Culinary/food is considered culture, the arts are another portion, but so are small artisan shops, as well as non-conventional spots like a barber or tailor. Culture is now expanding its bounds and I wish there to be a more open definition of what cultural experiences could mean. If there are pilot projects in Toronto where we see live music on patios outside and inside cafes and restaurants, perhaps definition and expansion of cultural experience can be explored and intermingled. Maybe cultural space could be creatively maximized in these facets.
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Interested in using the services in the area