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February, 2022

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Supported a comment by Alexa Strautmanis on Innovation QNS 1 year ago
Alexa Strautmanis
Yes public open outdoor space is important in new developments. People moving here to live in new buildings should not be the only ones to enjoy such amenities, they should be shared with residents who have been here all along.
Supported a comment by Lynda Kennedy on Innovation QNS 1 year ago
Lynda Kennedy
This is an enormous need. for those of us East of Steinway in particular, the riverfront parks are so far away, transportation to get there is so erratic as to be useless and there are no dog runs or even grassy spots. The few playgrounds are tarmac.
Supported a comment by Zora O'Neill on Innovation QNS 1 year ago
Zora O'Neill
It's perfectly fine the way it is. This level development would only bring in chain businesses, and we don't need those.
Supported a comment by Macartney Morris on Innovation QNS 1 year ago
Macartney Morris
this is a mini Hudson Yards that would transform one of the last remaining affordable parts of Astoria left. I understand why the landowners and landlords want this horrible, but no working family or tenant would want this to happen. This is disgusting and we'll fight you just like we fought Amazon.
Supported a comment by Jackie York on Innovation QNS 1 year ago
Jackie York
FYI, we already have a neighborhood where you can live/work/play/shop all within an easy 15-minute walk of where you live. That’s one reason many people love Astoria. The fact that you’d list that as the goal is a sign that you’re not familiar enough with the existing fabric of this neighborhood. You’re assuming/projecting $50M in new spending at existing businesses—but why would new residents shop elsewhere when you’re building new stores in the same complex they’ll live in? What % of new businesses will be chains and big box stores? Which of your new restaurants will be direct competitors to existing restaurants and bars?
Supported a comment by Deb V on Innovation QNS 1 year ago
Deb V
Why not focus on revitalizing the Steinway Street retail strip that is already there rather than adding more retail stores. This project doesn’t make sense. There are vacant storefronts on Steinway St. How tall are the proposed buildings? Two or three stories fit in the area not mega towers. Put in a park not a Disney field. Why is a rep from Queens County Farm commenting on then project. That institution is not in our neighborhood. As far as the Frank Sinatra School- that building blocks a lot is sunshine from the street. Not in favor of this project