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Supported a comment by Brigitte Eberly on Reading PA, Comprehensive Parking Plan 5 months, 1 week ago
Brigitte Eberly
I tried to attend virtual meeting but it kept disconnecting, the illegal parking in southeast reading ie muhlenberg st, getting parked in by illegal parkers, I would like to see residential permit parking, I live across from courthouse on muhlenberg and the court customers take our parking all day long and then walk into courthouse, the rentals that have 5 to nine cars with one house, I don't see how else to solve this but residential permit parking, max 2 permits to a house, you can't have street sweeping on the vertical and horizontal streets on the same day and the same time, they sweep since this fall 12th and muhlenberg at the same time and on the same day, that cuts the parking in 1/2 for 4 hours, since you never know when they are going to come. The abandoned vehicles, they are everywhere
Commented on Reading PA, Comprehensive Parking Plan 5 months, 1 week ago
I agree with this as well Most of the single house home have been divided into apartments. Or in 1 household you have more than 1 family members who owns a vehicle. Some buildings & home have parking lots in the back which is not being used because it’s filled with trash cans & people don’t want to use because it’s an ally way or the parking that was there was being used until a business or church started tow cars due to them being the owner of the lot & space but if you not using the parking lot in your spare time & off days when closed & not in church service then a timeframe with correct hourly should be posted & used. Not everyone has a business Not everyone goes to church Some work days Some work nights Rotations Parking can be good if done correctly & orderly at a parking lot. If Reading & landlords clean the back of the ally then owner of those homes can park in the back there as well or side lot park.
Supported a comment by Amanda S on Reading PA, Comprehensive Parking Plan 5 months, 1 week ago
Amanda S
buildings were designed as SINGLE HOMES and have been split into 2-5 apts per house. There needs to be restrictions on how many cars per household. One family takes up an entire block because they have 8 cars! These "tow companies" like CHINOS buy cars that sit for YEARS in the alleys. No registration/inspection or out by years! But cops only ticket ppl they know will pay. They walk past 8 illegal cars in a row that have CLEARLY been sitting a long time and only ticket the cars that move. Why is he not being fined!? TOW HIS CARS AND BAN HIM FROM AUCTION. Cars need to move!! Property at Douglass and 9th SHOULD HAVE BEEN PARKING!! 😡😤 Lack of parking is SOLE REASON that drives illegal parking. MORE NEIGHBORHOOD PARKING!! Meters, parking lines are not the answer for residential. Consider lots where you pay a weekly or monthly bill to have an access code that raises a entrance bar or a paper pass that is put on the dash.
Supported a comment by Julie Wentzel on Reading PA, Comprehensive Parking Plan 5 months, 1 week ago
Julie Wentzel
People having 4 or 5 cars per house
Commented on Reading PA, Comprehensive Parking Plan 5 months, 1 week ago
I agree with this we need MORE enforcement. There can be an existing Empty space & people are double parking next to that spot or they are double parked at the very end of the corner of the street which is Very dangerous. Especially on a 2-way traffic with both cars going in opposite directions. Plus at the end of the corner is a crossroad intersection. Then once you think your clear & continue driving there is another car double parked in the Middle of the street block as well & this continues further on the same street until you reached the very end of that block at another corner for the same thing to be happening again. Plus if it’s a dropped off zoning shipment for the business owner at the corner Their shipment trucks is double parking as well. Make their zoning drop off shipping in the back of their business. If they can’t park in the back then get a smaller vehicle & if they want the front parking then get a paid permit for that spot.
Commented on Reading PA, Comprehensive Parking Plan 5 months, 1 week ago
Have you ever walked inside one especially in Reading. Most people give Reading & treat Reading with bad representation. First use the parking lots & garages that are already here in Reading & made it better. Use enforcement to make sure people parking in those areas park correctly within the lines & box. Make sure those areas are clean as well I hate seeing trash around. Make it more safe no pot holes & no cement falling. Use those areas not only for day but for night time also & Put more security guard in those areas. Paint the lines clearly & visible. Use Art to attract people to notice & locate a designation. Make readable large print signs. If you are a Resident of Reading why pay a fee? Charged those who don’t live in Reading. If you want Resident of Reading to pay then give them a discount. Or no charge on Weekends. You have to work with the Residents of Reading. Use correct signage to display where customers, coworkers, visitors, residents & more are allowed to park. The 1st Residents & Business owner must have a parking for themselves especially in their neighborhood. The 2nd member Resident & Business owner with car Must park elsewhere & if they want to park in the same neighborhood then get a paid permit for that spot. Plus some church have parking lots. If no church service then used correctly the hourly timeframe of the parking in & out service