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May, 2022

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Supported a comment by Sam Telkowski on North and LaSalle 9 months ago
Sam Telkowski
An event venue similar to Park West in Lincoln Park for films debuts and small music performances could be interesting. Old Town doesn’t have one currently
Commented on North and LaSalle 9 months ago
I acknowledge and respect many residents concerns about the character of Old Town being negatively affected. I do agree with comments about the bars and nightlife getting out of hand, and I’m in my late twenties! But concerning new residential growth, I don’t think it’s fair or realistic to drastically try to limit growth and the opportunity for other people who might also admire and love the community to call Old Town home. I’m not a fan of a lot of the big glass boxes going up around downtown, but considering the quality architect on the project (who’s designed some very nice buildings being built in Fulton Market) and the general growth of the city, I think there’s an opportunity to create some quality, respectable mid-high density development here (Brooklyn has a good mix of old low/mid rise and newer more dense development). Old Town and surrounding Lincoln Park, Gold Coast is already very expensive and inaccessible for many people— all the tear downs and conversions to luxury single-family homes are unsustainable. Allowing more residential density, diversity could help counter balance this exclusivity, provide accessibility, social richness in a neighborhood so close to/basically a part of a growing downtown and the lakefront. I’m all for preserving historical architecture! I’m a huge history nerd and love classic architecture. But these sites (excluding the church) do not contribute to the neighborhood. Even historical cities in Europe have manage to embrace old character and the present with the future in mind.
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Mixed Use
Commented on North and LaSalle 9 months ago
Mixed use for sure, residential above with maybe a combination of institutional, arts, and/or commercial that compliments the Park, history museum, the church.
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Contributes to traffic, car-centric, unsafe, uninviting highway feel of North Ave, Lasalle, and Clark.
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