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March, 2023

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Supported a comment by Rory G on Engage East Harbour 2 months ago
Rory G
Great idea, railway arches would also bring some character
Supported a comment by Cairns Deleway on Engage East Harbour 2 months ago
Cairns Deleway
Maybe something emulating Borough market in London can exist at east harbour station (as borough is also underneath a junction of a railroad). The marketplace could be underneath the Ontario line overpass and be an all-in -one marketplace of greenery, arts, clothing, music, and food! There are many smaller format retailers selling vintage clothing and doing pop-up markets in the summer with mixed fare such as live music, food events and cultural events. Many of these organizers are on social media and connecting to young audiences, but we also see many pop-up events catering to everyone in the summer in areas like vacant parking lots. This kind of contribution would create a vibrant public realm/walkable district and also be a contribution to the community.
Commented on Engage East Harbour 2 months ago
How to make this area less utilitarian. I don't want east harbour to be just commerce-focused. Entertainment, free events, programming, and fun should be an equal factor, working in relationship to commerce to create a community for all.
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Commented on Engage East Harbour 2 months ago
Interested in using the services in the area