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June, 2022

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Supported a comment by Alison B. on North and LaSalle 6 months ago
Alison B.
No one who lives here would want a high-density high rise. All of the responses suggesting that are planted from the developers or their investors. This is not an honest process.
Supported a comment by Craig W on North and LaSalle 6 months ago
Craig W
My only request is you prioritize a grocery store. The rest are subjective and will depend on what can survive the market. It's a major/nice intersection so you'll have no shortage of businesses who want to go into whatever space you build but, other than the grocery store, I'd like to see the space be as focused on the local residents as possible rather than the tourists to North Ave Beach. You should absolutely not build up but I doubt you're going to actually listen to any of us about your plans and I have a sneaking suspicion the decisions have all already been made.
Supported a comment by John Kulczycki on North and LaSalle 6 months ago
John Kulczycki
We need a supermarket and pharmacy in this neighborhood to minimize the use of cars to do essential shopping.
Supported a comment by Ashley H on North and LaSalle 6 months ago
Ashley H
Trader Joe’s must go where treasure island was!
Supported a comment by Anne Edwards on North and LaSalle 6 months ago
Anne Edwards
Grocery store, Trader Joe’s
Supported a comment by Jeffrey Newmark on North and LaSalle 6 months ago
Jeffrey Newmark
Trader Joe's would be awesome!