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September, 2016

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Commented on Fellsmere Housing Group 3 years, 8 months ago
I am directly across from the ‘un-programmed parcel’ on the corner of Murray Hill and Hospital roads. My understanding is that development of the parcel is up to the City of Malden. The idea of creating a children’s playground directly across the street is not my favorite idea but if done with appropriate earthen berms, hardscaping and plantings that keep children, and adults, safe and away from the busy road, sufficiently obscures the view from the road and minimizes the noise it would be preferable. I am not keen on the idea of extensive fencing as I have lived across the street from a tall hurricane fence, poorly installed, for several years now and it is unsightly at best. By the way, it does not keep anyone out. My other concern is around pet waste, and how it would impact the use of that parcel. Evidenced by piles of dog waste around the neighbhorhood some (more than you might think) feel they do not need to pick up after their pets. I am a pet owner and pick up after mine so I do not really understand it. This space is now (and will be once developed) used as a dog run so you need to think about that and how pets and park users can co-habitate the same space, safely.
Commented on Fellsmere Housing Group 3 years, 8 months ago
I continue to believe Fellsmere Housing Group offers the best hope for thoughtful and intelligent development of the Malden Hospital site. I hope the City of Malden acts in all due haste to approve the rezoning and move this project forward. Your group has done a great job responding to the varied concerns brought forward.
I echo the concerns of others regarding traffic, however the traffic issues predate your proposal by years and the cities of Malden and Medford have failed to address a known issue. It is true that Hospital Rd and Murray Hill Rd act as super-highways to rt 28 north and to rt 93. We live in a somewhat urban environment so I expect a certain amount of traffic but currently it is daunting. The cars travel extremely fast and with little regard for pedestrian traffic and it is often scary. If there is a way to make these routes extremely inconvenient it may keep the traffic to the main roads but your traffic folks know better than I how to address this, it is not an uncommon problem.
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