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December, 2019

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Supported a comment by Connie Teunis on Quartz District 9 months ago
Connie Teunis
The Quartz district will not be s good neighbor because it’s too crowded already.
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Mark S
- Reserve Space for a new high school. (50+ Acres) - No new traffic lights on Prince William Parkway or Minnieville Rd. - Fund interchange at Prince William Parkway and Minnieville Rd. - Integrate Commercial and Residential Together. They should not be in separate land bays. (Residential over Retail). All Residential should fit inside the Commercial Retail Core area. - Eliminate Surface Parking, add Parking Garage for Residential and Commercial - One parking space per dwelling unit. We need to reduce vehicles.
Supported a comment by Ally R on Quartz District 9 months ago
Ally R
Please preserve the historical family graves you can see from minnieville
Supported a comment by Jennifer Marth on Quartz District 9 months ago
Jennifer Marth
Rethink the impact on local schools that are already over crowded and under funded. What about over crowded roads??