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December, 2019

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Supported a comment by Connie Teunis on Quartz District 11 months ago
Connie Teunis
The Quartz district will not be s good neighbor because it’s too crowded already.
Supported a comment by Mark S on Quartz District 11 months ago
Mark S
- Reserve Space for a new high school. (50+ Acres) - No new traffic lights on Prince William Parkway or Minnieville Rd. - Fund interchange at Prince William Parkway and Minnieville Rd. - Integrate Commercial and Residential Together. They should not be in separate land bays. (Residential over Retail). All Residential should fit inside the Commercial Retail Core area. - Eliminate Surface Parking, add Parking Garage for Residential and Commercial - One parking space per dwelling unit. We need to reduce vehicles.
Supported a comment by Ally R on Quartz District 11 months ago
Ally R
Please preserve the historical family graves you can see from minnieville
Supported a comment by Jennifer Marth on Quartz District 11 months ago
Jennifer Marth
Rethink the impact on local schools that are already over crowded and under funded. What about over crowded roads??