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April, 2021

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Commented on 159 Riverside Drive 2 months, 1 week ago
I was wondering the best way to contact someone about the possibility of a living wall?
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Commented on 159 Riverside Drive 2 months, 1 week ago
I was recommended to look into this 159 Riverside project for a possible living wall! I work for a company called Urban Blooms and we would love to customize a wall locally for our town and its residents! We do outdoor and indoor living walls and the walls can assist in LEED credit. Our living walls bring culture, life, and vibrancy to the community. Outdoor living walls act as biodiversity hotspots in communities. Birds and insects interact with the plants as they would in, say, a park. Living walls in public spaces also provide a perfect outdoor classroom for local schools and provide a great opportunity for a science or biology field trip. Our indoor living walls provide increased alertness, improved attitude, increased patience, and improved memory along with the unique and natural aesthetic that would fit in perfectly with Asheville's vibes. You can email me at hollystokely@urbanblooms.org for any questions. Check out our website https://www.urbanblooms.org/ to view some of our past projects!