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Ashland, MA


February, 2015

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Commented on Ashland Downtown Planning Initiative 1 year, 9 months ago
Yes, this is a problem with the current design. I doubt there's room for another lane, but this should be considered in the design. If we did something crazy like make Homer and Summer one way there, both going away from Main Street, we could eliminate the light, or have it just for pedestrians. If they were one way going towards Main Street, it would eliminate all left turns. Both options would be awkward for people who like to avoid the Main/135 intersection, but it might be an overall improvement to the traffic flow.
Supported a comment by Eric Appelstein on Ashland Downtown Planning Initiative 1 year, 9 months ago
Eric Appelstein
Going south on Main Street cars going straight are blocked by cars taking left on Homer or are cutting off cars taking a right. Have three lanes there if possible would help or the right lane should be going straight, not the left.
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