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Supported a comment by Jamie Kaiser on Main Library Campus 4 years ago
Jamie Kaiser
The only thing from a library that I want is a good collection of books. We literally do not have a good, comprehensive biography of former president Martin Van Buren. I would much rather Boise spend its money on that then another event center pretending to be a library.
Supported a comment by Cathy Silak on Main Library Campus 4 years ago
Cathy Silak
Parking will be a problem and will adversely impact nearby uses such as the Boise Art Museum and the newly rebuilt Idaho Museum as users vie for spaces. Additional plans for offsite parking will need to progress at the same pace as building the new library.
Supported a comment by scott tagg on Main Library Campus 4 years ago
scott tagg
I like the overall design of the building, but not the location. The city has better options. Demolish the current library and replace with parking garage and first floor retail. Build the new library at the western gateway into the city, at whitewater and Fairview (Local Construct project, which would have parking garage and apartments). Arts and History and event venue space should move to the Boise Armory, as it has space and ample parking. Include a City of Boise museum at the Armory. Again the design is great, but not that location. We can do better!
Supported a comment by scott tagg on Main Library Campus 4 years ago
scott tagg
Arts and history needs their own location, and we need a city of Boise museum. Boise Armory has been vacant for too long. Plus there should be enough room and parking for a 300 seat venue.
Supported a comment by J Crowe on Main Library Campus 4 years ago
J Crowe
this building is beautiful but can but can Boise/Boise citizens afford it? On top of the current projected costs, has the city considered the cost of affordable parking for citizens? Has the city considered projected maintenance/utility costs for a south facing wall of windows in our desert climate? And has the City considered the cost of moving the Cabin which is all about the history of our community?
Supported a comment by Kevin Brandt on Main Library Campus 4 years ago
Kevin Brandt
There is no information about parking, none is shown in the drawings and the in the paper it has been stated that underground parking is cost prohibitive. There is extremely limited off-site parking in this area. I'm concerned that vanity and design has taken first place over function.