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June, 2017

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Commented on Haverhill TDI 6 years, 6 months ago
The Washington Square Bus Station and adjoining parking area should be converted to a major urban park. Linked to the river via a rampway and boardwalk with underground parking behind the post office. Expand the park into Washington Square and downsize the large area on the north side of the square. Don't be shy about getting out of the urban planner comfort zone. A gazebo and fountain could easily be incorporated here too.
Peter Carbone
Followed Haverhill TDI 6 years, 6 months ago
Commented on Haverhill TDI 6 years, 6 months ago
We are limited with mostly restaurants, hair and barber shops, etc. right now.
Switch to a local bank, Pentucket and Haverhill Banks give tens of thousands of dollars back to Haverhill non profits and community events each year! How much has your bank given back to Kid's Fest, Christmas Stroll, Haverhill Boys and Girl's Clubs, etc.?
Unless there's some special event going on there is more than adequate parking downtown. I'm downtown every day and nearly every evening.
After 57 years in Haverhill the off the beaten path parking spaces and ways to avoid congestion will be second nature to you.
All your ideas about revitalizing downtown are spot on! It is already happening as all the new developments and proposed developments on Merrimack St. have underground parking as a component.
There several deals in the works now to accomplish some of the ideas you suggested, bravo!
Don't be afraid to get involved too. Haverhill has a full compliment of Service Clubs, the Mayor is always looking for concerned residents to be placed on various boards and Team Haverhill has accomplished quite a bit in 10 plus years.
Keep being concerned, great ideas!
Peter Carbone