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August, 2021

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Theresa L
Work with the New Rochelle Council on the Arts to connect with local artists and give them an opportunity to submit proposals. There was no outreach to local artists for the murals at the train station -- an rfp to local (Westchester) artists would have produced more and better choices. I would love to see murals and sculpture throughout the development, not restricted to local artists but giving them at least the opportunity to be considered. I also think performance spaces for free concerts and/or events like dance and theater would draw the community.
Commented on Pratt Landing 5 months, 2 weeks ago
Some other ideas that just occurred to me--

1. Activities or demonstrations hosted by indigenous individuals to share the history and heritage of the Lenape people and other indigenous Americans whose connection to modern-day New Rochelle predates colonization.
2. not sure how feasible this is, but collaborating with local astronomy clubs to host community stargazing nights (with locals bringing their own telescopes to give "night sky tours") might be a fun and unique way to engage the community
3. Family-oriented volunteer projects (especially those centered on environmental restoration) would also be great
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I would love to see interactive educational displays for children (and adults!) about the Sound habitat and environment! Also, if a bubble tea cafe were to be opened there, I guarantee I and many others would be there nearly every weekend haha.