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November, 2020

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Adding head in parking on Superior Viaduct is not a pedestrian friendly street experience. Head in parking is a suburban solution. Parallel parking would be acceptable and a more urban solution.
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Mandy Metcalf
A continued orientation away from cars and toward transit, biking, and walking as demonstrated by the design, safety, and use allocation of the streets.
Supported a comment by Mandy Metcalf on Karam Senior Living 8 months ago
Mandy Metcalf
The development proposal does not match the existing buildings for respect for the pedestrian, providing the sense of a street "room," or providing aspects of placemaking. It takes a three story historic building with lots of architectural detail and substitutes a one story frontage on the street. It would be better to place the residences over the library. I do like the overhang that provides shade and rain cover but worry about the dry plants in the shade underneath. I do not see a transit shelter in the rendering. An overhang set back from the street does not replace the amenities provided by a three sided shelter placed where the bus can be seen approaching.
Commented on Karam Senior Living 8 months ago
Existing historic building should be preserved and rehabilitated. I toured the building last year. It is in fine condition. Apartment building's community room should be on the first floor, where it can activate the street and interior meetings and activities can spill out onto the plaza in front of the building allowing residents to engage with the community. The apartments that are on the first floor facing the plaza will not have adequate privacy. There could still be a rooftop deck for residents if really desired, though that can be a long term maintenance problem. West elevation needs more windows at pedestrian sidewalk level. A drawing of the site layout, plaza, parking, and landscaping would be helpful.
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