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October, 2020

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Supported a comment by Commenter via Text on Irishtown Bend Park 1 year, 1 month ago
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Fire pit conversation areas, coffee/tea/juice/healthy snack facility, food truck area, toddler area, soothing water features (waterfall, stream, fountain), outdoor classroom/learning areas for kids and adults, light features (laser shows etc), security boxes to call for assistance if needed, graffiti art - possibly from youth, recognition of Irish history, small aquarium with native fish, sculptures, stage for small concerts (local artists)
Supported a comment by Shannon C.B. on Irishtown Bend Park 1 year, 1 month ago
Shannon C.B.
Year-round and all weather activities and spaces!! tables with warmers, ice skating/sledding, etc. Covered play and eating areas for during rain. Cool features that activate during rain (“river” trenches, water wheels, etc). Bring-your-own-wood fireplaces! Great for socializing in colder weather while not spreading germs. A screened-in area for when it’s buggy by the river. Plenty of shade structures and trees throughout for those who can’t tolerate heavy sun (eg young babies, or people with skin cancer or medication sensitivities etc) Plenty of interesting kid self-play options on a playground area: sand, water, swings, climbing stuff, “house” play structures like at upper edgewater etc. Also, toddler climbing structures (eg not high). stroller parking! bathrooms scattered throughout and wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. also kid-friendly bathrooms please! small toilet, low door lock on kid stall, small sink they can reach and operate on their own (or a stepstool-like feature they can climb), low hand dryers. lots of water fountains and water bottle filling stations. thank you for your consideration!!
Supported a comment by Commenter via Text on Irishtown Bend Park 1 year, 1 month ago
Commenter via Text
I am a coordinator for the Lakewood Historical Society. Someone reached out to us to donate many sections of the original iron fence/rails from the Detroit Superior bridge. He is looking to donate them. I get get d at pe if is or put you in touch with him directly. I thought they could be used within the Irishtown bend development or you might know of who else to contact. He has photos and documents to prove where they came from.
Supported a comment by Patrick Coyne on Irishtown Bend Park 1 year, 1 month ago
Patrick Coyne
This past summer I went to a movie in the park down in Columbus especially with a hill would make useful space and they had food trucks come by and used an inflatable screen
Supported a comment by Vaughn Stewart on Irishtown Bend Park 1 year, 1 month ago
Vaughn Stewart
One way to explore this as a possibility is to work with us at Bookhouse Brewing, across the street from the proposed site. We could be the origin point for all alcohol service under a DORA arrangement, for example. In theory, the area could be expanded to include Merwin's Wharf and Brick and Barrel Brewing, as well.
Supported a comment by Derek M on Irishtown Bend Park 1 year, 2 months ago
Derek M
It would be great to be able to purchase refreshments—including alcohol—that could be consumed within the park’s limits. This has been a huge success w/ some of the land managed by the Cleveland Metroparks (ex: Edgewater Beach).