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I truly get your side to this but, again, this is not a 5+ storied building. While I would love for it to be more of the same community it's not feasible. There is a reason why housing authorities have dilapidated buildings. This is not a SHA issue. This has been happening all over the country. Because we only pay 30% of our income it's not enough to offset the costs of running the properties. I've known this for years. While I'd love to see every unit be for the elderly/disabled/vets only, realistically it doesn't work. Especially if Beacon is putting in most of the funding. They are for profit and never claimed not to be. What happened here will only happen again. We have to progress in order to keep things updated and not watch it go to waste again. In regards to the aesthetic I find I'm repeating myself. Everyone's main view isn't of the ocean, it's of the giant power plant in our backyard! This neighborhood is full of all types of housing from homes to condos to a power plant and now affordable apartments. I'm not quite sure what you mean by they're taking advantage of us and reducing our quality of life? I need my hip replaced and I can't come home to recuperate because it isn't safe. Right now I have very little quality of life. Unless you've been in our shoes you can't understand what quality of life means for us.
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It is not a 5 story building. In order to keep the residents safe from the ever growing high tides and flooding the bottom floor is 21 feet above sea level. Meaning that the building is raised to accommodate and compensate for the projected rising sea levels. Parking will be underneath the building and reinforced. We have no choice but to go up. We cannot go wider because the empty lot next to us has major pipelines underneath from which make it impossible to build on the property. The only difference from the condos up the street and this design is the roof really. So, putting a slanted roof will make it more within "neighborhood standards"? That just means that it'll be even higher. May I also mention that there's a giant power plant in our backyard? It's the most notable thing coming over the Salem/Beverly bridge. You want us to "blend in" yet this neighborhood is full of all different types of structures. Apartment buildings are blocky. They're not houses. The units we live in now are the eye sores. We look like a "project" if you will. It's unsafe for us here. We have no security at all and since we're all on the bottom floor anyone can break a window and come right in. As a matter of fact that's what happened to me a couple years ago. While I was in my home. I felt violated and scared to death. I'm still scared.
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Lorelee Stewart
Thank you for speaking up Shannon. I will add that Leefort Terrace has an organized tenant association recognized by the Salem Housing Authority. Shannon was elected to serve as president by her Leefort Terrace neighbors. To ensure fairness and compliance to state regulations regarding a tenant association, the election process was overseen by the League of Women Voters Salem.
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I must also correct. This will hold 14 more elderly/disable people. Give us amenities that are needed for individuals such as us and will be 100% affordable housing. There will be no market rate living. We demanded that immediately. I'm regards to the building not fitting into the neighborhood. What about across from Bentley, the nice blocky looking condos sitting on a hill blocking the view of the houses built on the other side of the street? I thought the design they showed was resembling of those condos. These aren't another redevelopment project for the rich! This is for needed affordable housing and none of you seem to want it at all. I cried at the last meeting cause the hostility (in tempered tone) was quite prevalent. I'm fighting for the right to exist in this neighborhood for my tenants here. I shouldn't have to. I actually believed you cared about us. We're the ones who are losing our homes due to flooding. If we don't do something about here first do you think it won't reach you with rising water levels? I'm angry, hurt and disappointed. I don't even know what else to say/think at this point...
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I feel as though I have an obligation to say something here. I am a resident of Lee Fort Terrace and have been here for 21 years come July. I'm disabled. There are some comments and speculations from which need correcting here. Some "neighbors" are insisting on speaking on behalf of us tenants here. First off that isn't your right. Secondly, not all tenants here agree with you. If you've been to the meetings then you will know who I am. Here are the facts. We are in dire need of redevelopment. We can prove to you that our building foundations are cracking (splitting down the middle to be more precise) to the point that our floors slant, our street floods on high tides, some units are invested with mice and some mold. Some have both. The mold in my apartment alone is outrageous. I've been to the meetings and not one person who has spoken out has asked about the welfare of us here so please don't use us as an argument. In fact, at the last meeting, I have never felt more discriminated against in my life. If you saw our living conditions maybe you'd realize you're very wrong. I get you have rights as our neighbors but you think, because we're old and disabled here, that we don't deserve better. While we want to find common ground you all seem to just want us gone. Just because we're poor doesn't mean we're not entitled to quality life.