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Commented on 114 Whitwell Street 4 years ago
I just saw a photo of the plan for Whitwell St. I was shocked. It looks like Foxrock is building it's own private city. Those plans are too big for that area. Why do you need 4 apartment buildings plus 36 row houses? I would only have 2 apartment buildings and 10 row houses. I'm really disappointed with the plans.
Supported a comment by Ellen Griffin Hewer on 114 Whitwell Street 4 years ago
Ellen Griffin Hewer
Supported a comment by Daniel Gillis on 114 Whitwell Street 4 years ago
Daniel Gillis
FoxRock seems to have abandoned any commitment to senior housing - just a vague "inter-generational" plan. There are many older Quincy residents holding on in much-too-big homes because there is no alternative other than moving to a distant suburb. A serious effort to include a senior component of this plan would help ease neighborhood concerns.
Supported a comment by Marilyn Novak on 114 Whitwell Street 4 years ago
Marilyn Novak
Attended the meeting on 10/24 and I did not hear any plans for assisted living, long term care and senior independent living. Not just a hope that seniors would move in there, but something dedicated to over 55 needs. I wonder if you have ever looked at Fuller Village in Milton. It is a senior community with duplex houses and at least one tall apartment building. A menu of services and dining if preferred/needed. The whole concept of a large entrée fee, that returns to the senior or his/her estate and then paying a monthly fee is very attractive. There are communities like this on the north and south shore, but nothing in Quincy. I, for one, would like to stay in Quincy when my time comes. Is this something you have or would consider?
Supported a comment by Marilyn Novak on 114 Whitwell Street 4 years, 3 months ago
Marilyn Novak
I am a former employee of QMC and have a question. One of the buildings you plan to demolish contains what we called Founders Hall. It is a hallway outside of the cafeteria and contained many plaques and commendations and memories from buildings previously demolished. I am wondering what you plan to do with those plaques etc. Will they be displayed someplace, like perhaps with the renovations to the Administration Building? Please let me know. If you are not going to use them there is one in particular that the Nursing Staff would want to have. Although, I do believe they should be displayed. They are part of history. Thank you, Marilyn Novak
Supported a comment by Jocelyn Sedney on 114 Whitwell Street 4 years, 3 months ago
Jocelyn Sedney
How many units do you anticipate? How many bedrooms will be in each unit? How many parking spaces are going to be designated for each unit and where will they be? Where will overflow parking and guest parking be located? How have you calculated the number of guest parking and overflow parking spaces you will need without affecting the surrounding neighborhoods?