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August, 2022

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Supported a comment by J Jag on North and LaSalle 5 months, 3 weeks ago
J Jag
Cannot stand anymore high rises...they are ruining the charm of old town. Any type of residential needs to be kept low and adhere to the original architecture that brought so many of us to old town in the beginning.
Supported a comment by Elizabeth M on North and LaSalle 5 months, 3 weeks ago
Elizabeth M
Protected bike lanes. Wide walkable sidewalks. Shared streets. Public spaces for sitting. Reduced auto traffic and reduced on-street parking.
Supported a comment by Lana W on North and LaSalle 5 months, 3 weeks ago
Lana W
The rise of condos and residents in this area continue. The Plums, the FoxTrots are wonderful additions to the neighborhood, but don't serve the general population who cannot afford or prefer not to shop at specialty or higher-end grocery outlets. We don't need a discount store, but another Treasure Island type. Easily accessible, average prices, diverse choices. I think a Trader Joe's would be great even though it is a bit of a specialty store. I Aldi's and Jewel serve the community, but for many residents in Old Town who do not have a car, they are inconvenient for doing a weekly shopping. Would like to have a better understanding of why there is such resistance to replacing TI with another grocery store.
Supported a comment by Leslie E on North and LaSalle 5 months, 3 weeks ago
Leslie E
Please don't build anything there, or, if you do, nothing higher than current Moody structure. No rooftop garden on top of it. Current garden on top of Moody building used for noisy gatherings. Nothing with a white roof that the sun reflects off forcing us to close our drapes. Area is already too congested, we don't need to add to it with anything that adds people or vehicles. There is a park across the street for people and dogs. Our property values are already going down because of fear of new buildings here and at LaSalle and North avenue. Frankly, other that a new grocery in TI space and tidying up curb appeals in other areas, I don't want any new development in area. We paid for our condos and are are paying higher property taxes for a less developed area. Will want reduction in property taxes if you overdevelop this area. Why do you want to change everything? Will you start building in Lincoln Park next? The city is losing population and people are fleeing to the suburbs because of crime, adding buildings and people doesn't make any sense.
Supported a comment by Mike Chapman on North and LaSalle 5 months, 3 weeks ago
Mike Chapman
No high rises or tall buildings!!
Supported a comment by Tim Carew on North and LaSalle 5 months, 3 weeks ago
Tim Carew
The BP site is a very prominent entrance to the Old Town neighborhood. Since it adjoins the Moody Church, any redevelopment should be architecturally distinguished. It should be compatible with current zoning and preserve the scale and height levels prevalent in our neighborhood. The design should incorporate the magnificent current roof line. A versatile space perhaps modeled after the Rothko Chapel could be used as a place for mediation, prayer, concerts and ceremonies, smaller scale gatherings, special art exhibits, and memorials and other honors and recognitions such as the awarding of the Pritzker Prize. It can greatly benefit our neighborhood.