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Commented on 114 Whitwell Street 5 years, 3 months ago
FoxRock seems to have abandoned any commitment to senior housing - just a vague "inter-generational" plan. There are many older Quincy residents holding on in much-too-big homes because there is no alternative other than moving to a distant suburb. A serious effort to include a senior component of this plan would help ease neighborhood concerns.
Supported a comment by Marilyn Novak on 114 Whitwell Street 5 years, 3 months ago
Marilyn Novak
Attended the meeting on 10/24 and I did not hear any plans for assisted living, long term care and senior independent living. Not just a hope that seniors would move in there, but something dedicated to over 55 needs. I wonder if you have ever looked at Fuller Village in Milton. It is a senior community with duplex houses and at least one tall apartment building. A menu of services and dining if preferred/needed. The whole concept of a large entrée fee, that returns to the senior or his/her estate and then paying a monthly fee is very attractive. There are communities like this on the north and south shore, but nothing in Quincy. I, for one, would like to stay in Quincy when my time comes. Is this something you have or would consider?
Supported a comment by Brenda Ryan on 114 Whitwell Street 5 years, 5 months ago
Brenda Ryan
Fox Rock has no experience that I know of in residential developments. In an already multi-generational, owner occupied neighborhood your scale of number of residents to acreage to this property is beyond acceptable. The traffic alone is a danger to the current multi-generational residents of the neighborhood. Biking uphill on Whitwell is not easy even for the most experienced rider. Therefore, automobiles will be the likely mode of transportation for the new residents, hence increased traffic. Also need assurance local, union, experienced workers will be used in the quality construction, i.e., ironworkers, electricians, pipefitters, etc.
Supported a comment by Mary Stec on 114 Whitwell Street 5 years, 5 months ago
Mary Stec
We do not need retail space in a residential neighborhood. There is plenty of retail in Quincy Center.
Supported a comment by Mary Stec on 114 Whitwell Street 5 years, 5 months ago
Mary Stec
six story buildings positioned at the edges of the site with a 25 ft .buffer between these buildings and neighboring properties is unacceptable.
Commented on 114 Whitwell Street 5 years, 5 months ago
What is going on Foxrock? You presented a very incomplete plan at the meeting at Central Middle School in July, then withdrew from the August Planning Board meeting stating that a more complete plan would be submitted in the Fall. Now you want to hold a “Pre-Application” meeting in early September, where public comment will not be allowed. If your plan is not ready for comment, what is the point of presenting to the Board? Are you hoping to get the Board on your side before the neighbors have a chance to weigh in? I hate to be cynical but we’ve seen this script before and it doesn’t end well for the residents of Quincy.