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December, 2021

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Jess Foran
Toronto's art and culture scene contributed 11.3 billion dollars in GDP in 2019, that is greater than the GDP combined in Ontario's energy, agriculture, forestry and mining sectors in Ontario. Finally be the employment centre that is a home for the creative industries, many developers in Toronto are pushing art hubs out of their existing spaces to make a profit. Recently, 70 artists in the distillery district are being displaced - these galleries are why people visit the distillery in the first place. Give our community meaningful change, not just a few thousand square feet of cultural space, we should be valued just as much as commerce.
Supported a comment by Eli D on Engage East Harbour 2 years, 2 months ago
Eli D
Public Art is not enough to make a meaningful difference in the arts community. We have been hit very hard, I want this district to be supportives of all forms of art and expression. the 520 acres Downsview development team just released a document that is creating an arts/culture task force that will oversee cultural development over time. In order to create a meaningful art/cultural destination, it is important to create such a team that will support diversity of artists; indigenous, black, people of colour, LGBT etc. East Harbour needs to be an equitable place; regardless of income, race, orientation or gender all should be welcome to visit. Ensuring gallery spaces are representing a diversity that Toronto is known for is key. A major development like this will suffer greatly if not enough attention is going to be paid on arts/culture and bringing people together in a cohesive way whilst sparking a progressive and inclusive dialogue about what it means to live in a multifaceted, sustainable and connected growing city. I work near dupont and davenport in a shared studio setting -The arts has a way of bringing people of so many different walks of life, yet in Toronto there’s so many barricades for people of colour, emerging youth, underrepresented communities and artists living in poverty. East Harbour needs to take these issues seriously, which could create a unique and welcoming district for everybody. Meaningful changes could happen with your support.
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Toronto these days is lacking depth. It appears that city building is centred on developers rather than citizens of the city. It's insular and doesn't help us. Development here, there is... so please make sure focusing on beauty, architecture, culture and people is put primary before any kind of boring chain coffee shop. Let me share a secret, it's not those in the tech industry and financial sectors that make cities alluring. Let's give opportunities to artists who are leaving Toronto to other cities for better opportunities.
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