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December, 2021

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The population that currently uses this park is very multi cultural. The common practice is to stroll along the shoreline with friends and family looking out over the river to Belle Isle and Detroit. This activity is common around the world- think Barcelona, Miami, Singapore. Community already exists here. The gift your project can give is to instruct city officials to budget people and resources to program our riverfront spaces. For years, with no success, I have encouraged the Mayor and City Council to follow the lead and example of the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and the Downtown Detroit Partnership. Lack of programming is holding Windsor back. We annually spend hundreds of millions on concrete and asphalt yet fail to invest in people.
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Commented on Future of the Peace Fountain 5 months, 2 weeks ago
The smiles of Families strolling together, Beautiful Gardens, The Belle Isle Carillon playing music, benches to sit awhile, The Downtown Detroit Skyline in the distance, freighters passing by, fog horns, patient then excited fishermen, Children running as the wind catches the spray of the fountain, The changing colours at night, the power of the water fountain shooting high into the air, The thundering sound of the water droplets landing on the river, ice cream cones with friends on a summer’s day and come winter, the ice bergs clinking as they bump into each other floating down the river.