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July, 2018

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I urge the City to reconsider moving the Cabin Literary Center to a new location. The Cabin is a huge asset to the community and its proximity to the Library and historic structure is essential to its mission. I understand the need for a modern facility, but the Cabin in its current location is a reminder of our City’s history. I’m frustrated that the plans for the new library have put a thriving, valuable nonprofit in the position of fielding concerns from their supporters. The simplest step here would be to acknowledge the importance of community-based nonprofits with strong connections to public resources like the Library, and incorporate the Cabin’s current footprint into the vision for a new Library. As someone who works at a nonprofit in the downtown core, I fear that Boise’s explosive growth is going to push our organization out of our current space. Seeing the lack of consideration for the Cabin accentuates that fear. If you don’t support nonprofits that enhance our community’s engagement with the arts and with literature, you will put our arts and culture scene at risk. Please don’t put the burden of growth on a nonprofit that was built by members of our community.