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March, 2016

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Supported a comment by Dave Strickler on Imagine Boston 2030 7 years ago
Dave Strickler
While Boston's summers are short, they are glorious! Relax the permitting process for outdoor dining. It draws people out to spend money locally with a halo effect on other local businesses.
Supported a comment by Anthony Schweizer on Imagine Boston 2030 7 years ago
Anthony Schweizer

We need to continue to develop downtown to have better access to the harbor. Cafe's and bars on the harbor etc. lets take advantage of the fact that we are one of worlds great harbor cities and yet few people can access this great amenity.

Supported a comment by Dulcie Madden on Imagine Boston 2030 7 years ago
Dulcie Madden
Fort Point needs a grocery store - an actual grocery store. Given how many people have moved here recently, it would be great to have one within walking distance for residents.
Followed Imagine Boston 2030 7 years ago
Commented on Imagine Boston 2030 7 years ago
Downtown Boston can be a bustling atmosphere during the work week - but have you ever visited it on the weekends? Most restaurants are closed, there's not many bars open & if you don't want to go to Fanuiel Hall - not much activity happening. The Financial District should have more pop-up activities. Farmers markets, spotlights on historical buildings, any event that highlights what Boston has to offer throughout the downtown area.