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Supported a comment by George Targee on Main Library Campus 2 years, 4 months ago
George Targee
On another path, I was driving by the area this week and was reminded that the Anne Frank Memorial is right beside The Cabin. I don't remember seeing comments about Anne Frank - have there been any? Is that memorial being affected by the new library.
Supported a comment by Christine King on Main Library Campus 2 years, 4 months ago
Christine King
Yes, and how will these mitigating practices address other concerns about potential glare to drivers, heating and cooling costs, and potential damage to materials from exposure to bright sunlight?
Supported a comment by E.B. Schofield on Main Library Campus 2 years, 4 months ago
E.B. Schofield
City of Boise - Page 4 of the December 13, 2018 Library Meeting Minutes say, "The bird strike issue noted in the previous public comment phase has been resolved and just needs communicated to the public. Two options were provided by Safdi Architects and need to be costed." Why not provide that information ASAP - citizens want to know.
Supported a comment by Christine King on Main Library Campus 2 years, 5 months ago
Christine King
Lynn, I believe you are a realtor with a downtown office; if so, you should identify yourself as one who may financially benefit from this project. And, please do not dismiss my concerns with the condescending, "change is hard for some", there are a number of issues that have been brought up with little response from the city. "Amenities"--it is a library--who are you to tell me I will "feel better" once I see all of those wonderful amenities? Indeed. shouldn't those amenities already have been revealed by the city? Perhaps they are bullet points you would include in a real estate brochure, or others would to attract conventions. I go to the library in order to check out books and do a little research, not to gaze over the river from a rooftop cafe.
Supported a comment by Christine King on Main Library Campus 2 years, 5 months ago
Christine King
Lynn, you are at an advantage that you live close by, how many current visitors do not? How many will opt to visit a branch library rather than deal with an adjacent parking garage? You use "1st class Library", "world class library", one that will be terrific for those who live in the area, a showpiece for a "1st class 21st Century City". There lies the problem, you are describing a downtown core that is becoming more of a boutique, unfriendly to those of us who drive there. When you use such language, it serves to tell those of us who would prefer a more modest library that suits a wooded river area that we are anachronists. However, we are all paying for this legacy showpiece, one that many in outlying areas will certainly avoid.
Supported a comment by Thomas J Beatty on Main Library Campus 2 years, 5 months ago
Thomas J Beatty
Unfortunately, moving the Cabin will have little to no impact on parking. I also love the design, but I wish it had come about as the result of a process that incorporated what our new library actually needed. Instead, I believe the architect was shopping his designs around the country and found a willing buyer in the form of the City of Boise. So Boise then has to adapt to the design: The Cabin doesn't quite work with the preconceived design; No problem: We'll just move it. There's no allowance for onsite parking; No problem: We'll sign an agreement with another developer to tear down a school and erect a parking garage/residential building. But the parking is offsite separated by a fairly busy street, will not entirely be free and it's not even on the first floor; well, you can't have everything. I just wish that instead of trying to fit Boise to the design, that we would design a library for Boise. And the way the project has been structured, we don't even get a chance to vote on it.