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March, 2014

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and get some innovation space, at fair market rates, and also some room for arts council stuff and local a reduced rental rate...but the building MUST be able to support itself from the rents it receives....

Hoping that this is something being considered for this...and am always open to discussions on it..



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Looks like a good place for a mix of things.  First of all it must support itself and be able to pay the taxes, and whatever else is necessary to be housed there.  It is ideal for some non profits.  The original plan was to have 10,000 sq ft for the East End House in the SAME neighborhood, and needing space there.  If the CRA is going to get involved, the space could be expanded by taking one floor which I understand is about 17,000 sq feet, and add some additional non profits who could pay for their space.  this building is not free space.  It needs to support itself.

That said it could also have start up space and STEAM space within that start up or around it.  The two other floors are available, and the parking in the basement is very large and convenient for drop off and pick up as some have been concerned about that if children will be there on the STEAM part of the building.

It offers a lot of space for several different types of programs and I hope that we can move forward and work with the CRA and city to have this happen sooner rather than later.

We as a city have lost $1,000,000 in rents every year it has been empty.  Two years and counting!!!1

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