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Commented on North and LaSalle 1 month ago
Supported a comment by Tim Carew on North and LaSalle 1 month ago
Tim Carew
The BP site is a very prominent entrance to the Old Town neighborhood. Since it adjoins the Moody Church, any redevelopment should be architecturally distinguished. It should be compatible with current zoning and preserve the scale and height levels prevalent in our neighborhood. The design should incorporate the magnificent current roof line. A versatile space perhaps modeled after the Rothko Chapel could be used as a place for mediation, prayer, concerts and ceremonies, smaller scale gatherings, special art exhibits, and memorials and other honors and recognitions such as the awarding of the Pritzker Prize. It can greatly benefit our neighborhood.
Commented on North and LaSalle 3 months ago
John, if my mind serves me right. Treasure Island was family owned and they closed all their locations. I don't think it was because Old Town was not supporting that store. Fern Hill please correct me if I am wrong and if possible add some invite to this question.
Commented on North and LaSalle 3 months ago
The density in this neighbor is high enough. the last thing we need in Old Town is more High-rises, Old town is not the Gold Coast, its Old town, lets try and keep the beautiful historic neighborhood we all moved here for. You can better what we have and people will come and create a better economy for the neighborhood.
Commented on North and LaSalle 3 months ago
It vacant, it needs cosmetic work done.
Commented on North and LaSalle 3 months ago
First off I do not think this is a fair question. Everyone knows this building is vacant and has no positive community benefit in its current state. The use of the existing building has potential. This area does need a grocery store on the north end of Old Town. this property could probably support a Hardware store. I had to drive and pay for parking just to have a $2 house key made when if there was one in this area I could have walked. You really need to provide more information on this building such as size and layout so better educated suggestions can be made.