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August, 2018

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I believe that in order to magnify the value of the proposed facility, and to help justify its cost, the City and Library planners should strongly consider incorporating an innovative function. We need a permanent public space that is designed for the public to learn about issues, really get their minds around trends and possibilities, and weigh in on those. This is advanced public participation. Many years ago, such a space was proposed and called the "social planetarium". But no city has thus far created such a space, in spite of the fact that both the need and the science of interactive spaces and exhibits has advanced greatly. The Boise Commons, a local nonprofit ( believes that Boise should take the initiative, setting an example for cities across America, and incorporate such a functionality and use of space into the new facility. This includes both dedicated space and programming, which we are happy to help create. Imagine a mini science museum focused not on physics but on social science, our public needs; imagine a mini historical museum focused not on the past, but on the present and the future. A new library space with built-in "social planetarium" (for lack of a better phrase yet) would be incredibly valuable to the community. Contact us for more information, because we have put a great deal of research and thought into it. Looking forward to working together.