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July, 2018

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Supported a comment by Sheila Robertson on Main Library Campus 4 years, 1 month ago
Sheila Robertson
For 85+ million I'm sure you can integrate the Cabin and the Library into a complex that would fit the needs of both. The two should be complementary and will careful thought to the outside design a place for outdoor readings and summer youth classes can be integrated. Your real problem will be parking!!
Supported a comment by Maria Kauffman on Main Library Campus 4 years, 6 months ago
Maria Kauffman
This structure is beautiful but It seems firm has won out over function.I’ve taken my 5.5yo to the library every week since she was an infant. I also recently had knee surgery and have a new awareness of how hard simple errands have become. Reducing onsite parking by 75% and moving parking further away from the library reduces the convenience of the library dramatically and I feel would deter many people from using the main library. I also don’t understand the emphasis on the arts and culture areas. Adding a theater will compound the parking issue. I agree that art should be incorporated into the library, but is a gallery the best use of space when BAM is across the street? Is a theater necessary when JUMP is right around the corner? One of the best features of the main library is the drive through book drop. Will this feature be retained? If you eliminate it are you considering city wide drop of points? I am perplexed the designer simply ignored The Cabin and didn’t incorporate it into the design. Is it necessary to have a large lounging area around the library and on the roof? It feels like overkill and an egregious waste of potential parking and makes it harder for people with disabilities to reach the door. I love that Boise is becoming more cosmopolitan and an upgraded library is overdue. But this library feels unnecessarily extravagant and loses the main function in all the excess.
Commented on Main Library Campus 4 years, 6 months ago
Please redesign the site plan with more simplicity to meet customers’ true needs. Substantially downsize the northern entrance plaza along River Street and move the building north. A smaller plaza would allow retention of The Cabin, which plays a vital role in the cultural district. The proposed 20,000 sq.ft. outdoor plaza is not useable at least 7 months of the year, whereas other Library functions are needed year-round. There is adequate green space with the 2 rooftop outdoor gardens and other open space indicated on the west side. While the design is initially exciting, I urge reconsideration of truly necessary library functions vs. some community “priorities” listed. For example, a “connection with the River” does not merit top priority when there is abundant access to the Boise River at many nearby locations. Our Library’s two highest functions are library services and space for the Arts and History Dept. Focus on these functions, and proper design will follow. Likewise, I am unclear on the necessity for ‘maker spaces.’ Given the under utilization of Jump’s maker spaces, this is a head scratcher. Adequate parking and auditorium space are the next highest functions that must be designed for, again more vital year-round than a cement-clad plaza (which also will be too hot in two summer months, essentially a baking, reflecting desert). Citizens are not excited about paying for more outdoor gathering spaces when the Downtown core provides ample outdoor sites nearby – Julia Davis, Ann Morrison, the Grove Plaza, and Jump.
Supported a comment by Jeff Fereday on Main Library Campus 4 years, 6 months ago
Jeff Fereday
It would be unfortunate to remove The Cabin from its current site. This 1930s-era building is part of the visitor's welcome to the City on Capitol Blvd, and is an icon for the locals. Its log construction echoes the Capitol Building itself, with its log motif at its base. It announces Boise's concern for history, and for our frontier roots. Joint Library-Cabin programming obviously would be aided by leaving it in place. It does not significantly impair the view of the river and instead anchors a point in Idaho's past and in Boise's commitment to literacy. Again, a highly compatible purpose. Please leave The Cabin in place. The City has undermined meaningful public input by failing to include The Cabin in any rendering or as an option in the model. The new building should celebrate, not simply discard, this venerable building. Both parking and Cabin preservation could be enhanced by shrinking the proposed library plaza on the north and perhaps rotating the building clockwise (or slightly re-designing it) so as to create more parking space to the south of the BioMark building and more setback for The Cabin. I recognize that an off-site parking garage probably will be necessary, but I urge the City to plan for public transit in and out of this area and consider that option in this design. The new library should invite, not stand as a barrier to, mass transit in the Boise area.
Supported a comment by Cathy Silak on Main Library Campus 4 years, 6 months ago
Cathy Silak
Parking will be a problem and will adversely impact nearby uses such as the Boise Art Museum and the newly rebuilt Idaho Museum as users vie for spaces. Additional plans for offsite parking will need to progress at the same pace as building the new library.
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