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March, 2022

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Commented on Innovation QNS 12 months ago
This is so true. Developers grab on the pretext of improving Steinway is a ploy after all business slowed down during pandemic. I want to see them talk in two years. Also, destroying the only cinema in Astoria is a big NO-NO!
Supported a comment by Helen Bohorquez on Innovation QNS 12 months ago
Helen Bohorquez
The lack of green space in this area is for sure something we need to address, but I am concerned about our rents going up (I live on 41st St) because of this project. I will support this if there is a guarantee that rents on this area will not increase drastically. I am worried that the small pockets of immigrant and working-class folks that still live in this area will be pushed out because of yet another gentrification project in disguise.
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Supported a comment by Barry T. on Innovation QNS 12 months ago
Barry T.
Our community is only going to support a plan that will keep Astoria affordable and livable. This plan is poised to make the entire area much more expensive, which will drive out all the people that have been living and working here their whole life. Far from "revitalizing" the community, your plan promises to flip it; a local coffee shop a block away isn't going to be able to compete with the trendy coffee shop that's on the actual QNS premises, and the people who already live here won't be able to afford the expensive prices these boutique shops will demand. If you want our support, please give specific numbers: - How much will commercial rent be, per square foot? - How long will their leases be? - What guarantee that their rent won't be raised significantly 5, 10, 20 years from now? - Please break down the affordable apartments by size, price, and who qualifies. We need to know exactly what you mean by "affordable housing." - Please break down the market-rate apartments in the same manner. - You claim apartments will be "permanently affordable". Please explain what legal mechanisms will be built into the leases to ensure they are permanently affordable. - Please explain the open / community spaces you are promising. How will that work? Who will have access to them? Can anyone from the community book a space, and if so, for how much?