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Supported a comment by Wendi G on Innovation QNS 12 months ago
Wendi G
It seems that Innovation QNS has forgotten how to do the most basic math.... $1500 / $1000 a month income, gross is NOT affordable for folks earning $50K or less. Duh.
Commented on Innovation QNS 12 months ago
Artist in residence programs
Commented on Innovation QNS 12 months ago
You need all of these more than any of these buildings! This side of Astoria doesn't have any green space! That small patch on Steinway and 35th Ave is a small playground. We need a full block park over here for people to be able to layout, sit down, walk through, etc, with real trees. We also need a dog run, there isn't one remotely close around here.
Commented on Innovation QNS 12 months ago
Affordable places for people to live
Commented on Innovation QNS 12 months ago
You can't have 2,843 new dwellings! That is a lot in a very small area. That traffic would be horrible for the already run down subways. 27 stories is far too high! We are a community who live in a neighborhood. It fees like a neighborhood because it doesn't have these massive buildings taking up our sky views! It's so nice to walk around Astoria because most things are short, so you still have decent sun. And looking at your drawings the biggest park space you want to add to on Steinway and 35th AVE will not have sun often! In December will barely be any! And the outdoor space you have proposed look more like Hudson Yards then usable park space to chill with your family! We don't have real parks over here. That is needed if you want to build, a real half block uninterrupted park. As for retail space, we have so many on Steinway that are closed! What is going to happen with those? That space? Are those next to be torn down and built sky high? This project is only good for the community with 1/2 the amount of new dwellings, and 50% of them are low income. The buildings can't be over 10-15 stories, you need a full half block solid park space, not only these small broken up spaces that look more like retail.
Commented on Innovation QNS 12 months ago
Affordable space