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February, 2022

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Commented on North and LaSalle 1 year, 2 months ago
The BP site is a very prominent entrance to the Old Town neighborhood. Since it adjoins the Moody Church, any redevelopment should be architecturally distinguished. It should be compatible with current zoning and preserve the scale and height levels prevalent in our neighborhood. The design should incorporate the magnificent current roof line. A versatile space perhaps modeled after the Rothko Chapel could be used as a place for mediation, prayer, concerts and ceremonies, smaller scale gatherings, special art exhibits, and memorials and other honors and recognitions such as the awarding of the Pritzker Prize. It can greatly benefit our neighborhood.
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Commented on North and LaSalle 1 year, 3 months ago
The Moody Church Parking lot with its apparent special use variance made years ago should continue to abide by existing zoning law classification and mapping for neighborhood shopping districts which limits commercial and residential development to three stories under B1-3 Zoning. This zoning protects our historic Old Town Triangle District and distinguishes it from many overly developed neighborhoods with rampant mid-rise and high rise residential tower development and associated AirBNB use and traffic congestion. The site under current use and zoning ensures sunlight and evening light and nighttime luminescence that makes our neighborhood very walkable and ensures public safety.